“…[O]n the cusp of the next major evolutionary growth phase…”

If you draw a circle which contains all things entertainment and a second which contains all things technology, the area where those things overlap (the venerable and oft-used Venn diagram) would be the NAB Show, just now wrapping up in Las Vegas. Reports from the Giants who attended this annual Las Vegas event tell of […]

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April 16, 2015

#TVe Was ON at the 2015 Media Summit New York

How does one encapsulate the entirety of the 2015 Media Summit NY…the stuff of multiple panels featuring some of the most impressive leaders of web, TV, VOD and technology, each offering their experience and expertise on the present and future of media and entertainment? With a tweet, of course. The assembled executives from every possible […]

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March 10, 2015

Streaming Video Will Transform Home Entertainment. Are You Ready?

There’s no doubt about it. Streaming video will transform the way that Americans…nay, the world…will consume video content. And we won’t have long to wait for the transformation (ahem…revolution) to occur (remember pace & degree?). Even the biggest media companies are getting into the game so that they don’t miss out the audience (and revenue […]

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February 5, 2015