Giant Interactive simplifies digital video preparation and delivery. Get it delivered right, and on time – every time.

Ingest, encode, QC, and secure delivery to digital retail, VOD, and OTT platforms with helpful and reliable customer service.


Our ‘Streaming Plus’ program is a one-stop solution enabling filmmakers to pitch all remaining platforms following acquisition by an SVOD.



Global Video Delivery

Giant Interactive began digital delivery in 2007 and has delivered thousands of movies and TV shows.

Beginning with ingest and ending with secure delivery to more than 100 retail, VOD, and OTT platforms, our processes, workflows, oversight, and standards all contribute to the realization of one goal: delivering your content.

Giant is a Preferred vendor for iTunes with a historical delivery approval metrics of 99%.


  • EST, VOD, and OTT preparation and delivery
  • HD, SD, 4K, 2K, VR content delivery
  • iTunes Extra 2.0
  • Subtitle and caption origination
  • International localization
  • Master QC and copy control
  • IMF files
  • DCP file creation
  • Digital Screeners


Content Sales & Licensing

Solutions for Movies, TV and Digital Content

Giant Interactive offers a boutique, filmmaker-friendly one-stop distribution solution, working directly with rights owners and filmmakers to aggregate and distribute movies, TV and digital content to VOD and OTT platforms worldwide.

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Giant is committed to the continual exploration of new platforms and revenue opportunities for our clients’ new release and library content.

  • Largest selection of distribution platforms of any aggregator
  • Superior project management and personalized approach to client services
  • ‘Filmmaker friendly’, consultative and strategic
  • Service multiple international territories at no added cost
  • Combining encoding & aggregation services in-house promotes accurate, efficient workflows
  • Preferred vendor for multiple platforms including iTunes
  • Competitive rates – contact us for a quote!



iTunes released a new version of Extras in 2015  which is compatible with Apple TV, iPhones, and Apple computers and enables unprecedented interactivity for your digital content.

Giant Interactive is proud to have been selected as an approved Extras 2.0 developer. We can help enhance your content, encouraging premium HD purchases by delivering a compelling interactive experience which may showcase a director’s commentary, deleted scenes, bonus scenes, making-of documentaries, or other features.

It’s no small thing to deepen audience engagement in your content; it’s a Giant thing.